Ups and downs.

08.30.2013 Posted in Prayers, Treatments No Comments

Well we made it!! Finally upstairs on the “hemonc” floor. It’s much calmer and more comfortable up here, and Lucy has been showing off to her new doctors and nurses with coos and smiles.

The initial spinal tap was sent off for genetic testing of the leukemia cells and today we were told the results. Unfortunately it was positive for the more aggressive form of leukemia. However, Lucy’s wonderful oncologist was still very optimistic when she saw how great Lucy was doing this morning. She said that if Lucy is a responder to the chemo and treatments then it makes no difference at all what kind of nasty leukemia it is! This doesn’t change her treatment plan. Because of her high risk he treatment was already aggressive.

Today’s and ongoing prayer request – let Lucy be a RESPONDER!!!

We will move to a private room in a day or two and settle in to our “home away from home” for the next four weeks. Hopefully settle into a new “normal” soon!

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