The Calm

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Radiation is finished and Lucy is halfway finished with the chemotheraoy portion of her preparation for transplant. Two days of chemo down, two more to go. So far, she is feeling quite well. She is halfway agreeable to the baths every six hours, even with the 4:00 am time slot … so far. Sometimes she hates it and cries but sometimes she is having so much fun with her toys she doesn’t want to get out. The good thing is that they are quick baths, not painful, and we know we are doing the best thing for her by bathing her thoroughly. This is a welcome feeling to me, knowing the days of feeling helpless that I know are ahead.

The radiation and wicked high doses of chemotherapy are as intense as it gets, but the effect on Lucy will take a few days. Right now it was predicted thst she would feel well and we are so grateful that she does, because it’s never a guarantee. Her appetite is shrinking but her energy level is not. It is a joy to see her sweet personality and we are grateful that she hasn’t fussed too much yet about not being able to leave the room (she can’t until the bathing period is over because she is literally excreting chemo onto everything she comes in contact with). Violet has been able to visit which puts Lucy in a great mood, and it’s good for Violet too. We are doing what we can to enjoy this calm before the storm. 

The countdown to transplant begins with conditioning; these days are counted backwards to day Zero which is transplant day. The sun is officially down on Saturday, day -4, and we are hoping for a few more good days before Lucy starts to feel pretty rotten … though I still hope and pray that Lucy “breezes” right through this! It is possible, and I know if anyone can power through this, our Responder can!  

Craft time and an adorable case of wet hair bed head


Minimal, loose clothes during this chemo and the important 1 2 3 rule on 4 Henson (1 bath a day, brush teeth twice a day, get out of bed 3 times a day) equals a fantastic photo opp


Taking over mama’s yoga mat


Movie time



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