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Lucy and family are having a great summer of 2017! We are keeping so busy, thanks to friends/play dates and NO restrictions for Lucy. Every day feels like vacation and I am so thankful to Josh for supporting our family so we can have such a wonderful, relaxing, fun, busy summer break. This is the life!! 

In a few weeks Lucy will have her 18 month post transplant tests in Kansas City, we are grateful for your prayers! 

  We jumped right into a summer vacation the first week of June … vacation for the girls, 100 mile bike ride for Daddy. Violet and Lucy were perfect travelers on the long trip to Lake Tahoe, CA. 

  We are so proud of Josh for riding his bike 100 miles, around Lake Tahoe, to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. The whole  weekend was an amazing experience. This year, Dadddy was on”Lucy’s bicycle team”.
    Lucy is playing tball this summer! We think she is a natural.

 Strawberries are among the bounty from our little garden.  It’s amazing to think, about a year ago, Lucy couldn’t even touch this!

  We have a huge list of summer fun activities. We are lucky to be able to enjoy this all with friends. Play dates are so amazing!! This was an impromptu trip to city garden/keiner plaza. 
 Circus flora is one of my favorite things! I was so happy to be able to enjoy withthe entire family and friends. The performers are amazing and generous.   

 Reading with Daddy. They both look so big!


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