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Lucy breezed through her chemo on Saturday and we were back home early Sunday morning. The hospital is pretty amazing. The oncology floor is brand new and state of the art! Though toys and activities for kids were lacking, we really enjoyed the movies on demand. 

Now, the downward spiral of Lucy’s immune system begins! It is absolutely impossible to quarantine Lucy to our room, without losing our minds or someone suffering a major injury. We tried to “relax” in our room last night and Lucy was bouncing off the walls, and tackling her sister. She was so wound up! What was in that chemo?! Luckily we have some nice weather today so we will play outside as much as we can. Tomorrow Lucy will go to clinic for labs and then we will meet with Dr. Gardner. If everything looks ok we will proceed as scheduled and Lucy will get her T Cells on Wednesday, at 11:30 am, pacific time. 

   Lucy finally fell sleep at dinner time on chemo day. I think she was really excited about being in a new place. Violet took advantage of being able to choose the movie. I think we watched the Curious George movie four times.  

This is what play time looks like. These girls are crazy with the rough play, and Lucy leads the charge! We have to try to keep Lucy safe while her counts drop, but we are also trying to savor these days where she feels great.

  Finally a beautiful SUNNY day! This neighborhood cat is always around the house and Violet is obsessed with him. He is really friendly, unfortunately he likes to climb in MY lap when I sit on the bench. Unfortunate because Violet desperately wants him to snuggle her, and I’m allergic to cats!


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