One up, One down

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Lucy is coming out of the fog, slowly but surely. It started with her sweet little voice emerging, then she was sitting up, playing, and eating a little. Steadily she is eating more and really, really, enjoying watching Curious George and Strawberry Shortcake over and over. She has started a trend of enjoying watching tv and eating chips in the middle of the night. Cute the first time, but not cool anymore Lucy. Actually, it is still pretty cute, and still a welcome change from the last few weeks. One more hurdle – Lucy still doesn’t feel like standing or walking, even though her ankle is much, much better. I have a feeling that the first glance of her playroom at home, with big sister to play with will have her running in no time. Home feels closer and closer and we can’t wait. A few things need to happen first – Lucy needs to be off antibiotics and IV nutrition. The IV nutrition is becoming my personal battle, but I understand that it has to be a slow wean, even though she is eating pretty well. Antibiotics can stop when her immune system kicks in, and great news today – we have white blood cells! For the first time in weeks (feels like forever) Lucy is on the right side if the decimal point with WBC at 1.0. Grow marrow grow!

While Lucy is finally up, poor Violet is down again. After school on Wednesday she got sick with a gross stomach bug again. My poor Violet! She handled it like a champ, and got over it pretty quickly. She was pretty wiped out so she stayed home from school the rest of the week to rest, and just to be extra safe, she and Josh are banned from the hospital for a several days.

Lucy will get chemo tomorrow, the last one for this induction block of treatment. She has received vincristine several times and typically gets some jaw pain, so we hope to keep that under control. It often causes neuropathy in feet and hands, but this is very hard to tell in a little person who can not describe “a tingly sensation”, so we will have to keep an eye on her. This is four doses in four weeks; she used to received one dose a month. Praying for minimal side effects – I really like having my happy Lucy back.

(null) sitting up all alone AND playing. Huge improvement!

(null) Eating!! She asks for Mac n cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we oblige.

(null) There it is, that beautiful, glorious smile. Playing with diapers brought on this glee.

If you believe, you will get anything you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22


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