Fight Like a Kid

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Lucy had a GREAT day at clinic yesterday. This was our first blood test since starting the chemo-at-home that Lucy will take for many months. The results were excellent; Dr. B was very pleased. Her counts were just right – not too low, but low enough still that chemo is doing its job. More good news – Darth has completely closed up and no longer needs a bandage! There is still a scab over what will certainly be a scar, but a much smaller scar than I think anyone expected. It’s thanks to the immediate expert attention in the hospital and Josh’s excellent wound care at home.

One of the slogans of childhood cancer awareness is “fight like a kid”. I love this slogan, it makes so much sense to me now. During the really hard times, I can see Lucy’s resilience; she never seems defeated or depressed – the advantage of being a baby. But it’s during this “not so hard” time that I see another side of what this slogan really means. Lucy takes several daily medications, including chemo, she has these annoying tubes dangling out of her which mean a permanent adhesive patch on her chest, food (that we keep trying to shove in her mouth!) tastes weird, and she can’t really leave the house. However, none of this diminishes the excitement of crawling into her sister’s room as fast as she can, chewing on a diaper box, slapping Dad’s face, or climbing all over anyone or anything that isn’t moving … much. She is fearless and gets into everything, which is awesome. Cancer may cause her to take a pause once and a while, but it will not slow her down!

20140215-051729.jpg Typical Lucy – climbing out of the stroller and chewing on something.

20140215-051958.jpg One of the nursing students on the floor made this adorable tutu for Lucy. It was a hit at clinic


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