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I Love Lucy Donation Fund

5.09.2013 Posted in Donations No Comments

Dearest Friends, Family, and Fans of the Bacott family,

My name is Jennie Totta, and I’ve been friends with Kenda for about 30 years now. Not acquaintances, not passers-by, not Facebook’s definition of “friends”…but true, loving, secret-telling, note passing, late night, embarrassing moments, stitched together at the soul, friends. She is one of my favorite people. I consider myself lucky that she married someone I’m so crazy about as well! Josh has not only been great to my favorite friend, but an awesome person to me as well. I want to write and write and write about how enamored I am with both of these people. About how lucky I am to know them both, and to have been let in some of the most amazing times of their lives. From grade school, to high school, to first apartments, weddings, sickness, babies, and now true, devastating heartache. But, my intent in hijacking Lucy’s Caringbridge site today is for another purpose, not pouring my heart out.

Since Lucy’s diagnosis a week ago, everyone has been saying and wondering “what can I do?”. Some people make meals, many help with Violet, everyone is praying, and everyone wants to do more, myself included. Being born and raised 4 hours away from where Josh and Kenda are now, many people are wanting to somehow “give” when that giving can’t be in physical form. Our awesome friend (again, since kindergarten!), Kristin Clemons, has set up a donation fund to help the Bacotts financially during this time.

The “I love Lucy” foundation has been set up under a YouCaring site that is completely safe and every dollar will go to Josh and Kenda. No one likes to ask for help, and no one likes to ask for money. That’s why I had to use a few bribes to elbow my way onto this site, so that Kenda and Josh would not have to ask themselves. In fact, as of right now, they are undoubtedly fine, financially, that is. The monetary burden of having a child with cancer is immeasurable. For instance, Lucy spent almost 4 nights in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, which costs around $10,000 per night…just to spend the night! Add these long hospital stays to pain meds, chemotherapy, anti-nausea meds, blood products, and a myriad of other medical needs, and the bills will eventually spill over the cap placed by most insurances. And that’s just the medical bills! Kenda and Josh now have a new “reality” that they will adapt to, including the importance of Kenda staying at home with the girls. In this time, all the “little things” are going to add up, including gas and car maintenance between home and hospital, meals outside of the home, keeping Violet’s world as special and normal as possible, and probably a few bottles of wine! No one can afford this diagnosis. So please, however you can give, weather it be time, food, gas cards, gift cards, cards from your kids!, money, prayers….anything. I’m sure they will welcome it all.

With love, hugs, and utmost sincerity,

Jennie (