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We got a call from Seattle children’s Hospital last week letting us know that Lucy’s cells were growing “very well” and everything is on track for her infusion, as planned. Great news! Good thing, because our return date is next week. After this call, we booked our flight, and accommodations, putting us at ease a little. 

Meanwhile, life has felt surprisingly “normal” at home. We just can’t believe that Lucy still has an aggressive, life threatening disease in her body. Lucy doesn’t look or act sick, so we don’t even think about it, and I think that’s ok. We keep her as safe as we can while having as much fun as we can.

Speaking of safe, Lucy had chemo on Thursday and I took her in to check counts on Monday to find that they have absolutely tanked; like “lockdown” low. I was hoping to get her out a bit for errands, and to see friends before we leave, but we can’t afford for her to get sick before the “Big Show”. The good news is that Lucy seems to be feeling pretty good, just a little tired and clingy, but we can handle that! Speaking of clingy, sweet Violet has crawled back out of her shell. The news of Lucy’s relapse was scary and sad for all of us, especially to Lucy’s best friend, Violet. Now that Lu is feeling good these two are playing so well and so wild together – Sister Therapy! 


  Easter egg hunt in the back yard

   They copy each other’s every move. Sometimes cute, sometimes trouble!

  Just an average day at home with me and Lucy. Perfecting her superhero outfit and busted getting into big sister’s lipgloss.


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