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It’s hard to believe we are just a few weeks away from Lucy’s first “re-birthday”. The first few weeks post transplant felt like we would never get to the year mark, but these last few weeks and months have gone by so fast, because Lucy’s health has been so great, we don’t even think about it! Lucy has been out and about, joining the rest of the world more in the past few months than ever in her life, and we are so thankful for every minute of it. Lucy hasn’t had to see a doctor in almost two months, but it also feels like her quarterly bone marrow biopsy got her really quick. In addition to a BMA, Lucy will repeat most of the tests she received just before her transplant, like EKG, Echo, hearing. We can’t see any deficiencies in Lucy’s health, and we hope ans pray the tests confirm this. Thanks to Lucy’s NP at CMH in KC all the tests will be coordinated for us over two days, we just worry about our holiday plans. We have been keeping busy in STL!

   We received tickets to take the girls to their first Blues game on Hockey Fights Cancer night. Violet loved it, Lucy was terrified of the goal horn. They scored five goals.
Lunch date with mom at IKEA

  Celebrating grandma’s birthday at Union Station in KC 


 Decorating the tree at home with a little help.

    Walking Candy Cane lane


 Roasting marshmallows at Wild Lights at the Zoo

Not so sure about Santa