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Time Hop

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I can’t believe that today, 8/27 it has been two years since Lucy was diagnosed with cancer.   

(top left) August 2013 , Lucy is diagnosed with Infant luekemia. (top right) August 2014 Lucy rings the bell at her “end of treatment”. (bottom) August 2015, Lucy is home, still hoping and praying for her cure.

Though we will never, ever forget that day, the actual date would have passed without much notice or aknowledgement if it weren’t for my calendar. I marked another date, August 21st with significance from the previous year – “1 year last chemo”. Whoops, that didn’t happen! What I didn’t know when I marked that date forward a year ago, is that we wouldn’t need (or care much about) a special date to celebrate Lucy’s winning battle, we celebrate it every day! Lucy’s dance with cancer has had so many ups and downs and firsts and lasts that the dates are overwhelming! I do know one thing and that is that I prefer to remember this date, August 27th, as the day that we first began to meet some of the most amazing, caring, compassionate, determined, generous, brilliant people we are lucky to know at Cardinal Glennon.   

I have dozens more faces to add to this collage but. moldiv cut me off at nine!

 Childhood cancer totally sucks, but we have seen so much generosity too, and not just from family and friends, but the countless organizations created for kids and families affected by childhood cancer. We have benefitted directly from so many, including Friends of Kids with Cancer, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Baskets of Hope, the Ronald McDonald House, the Ben Towne Foundation, Strong With Cancer, Rainbows for Kids, Issac’s Rays of Hope, and many others that have gifted us with blankets, pillowcases, toys, treats for Mom, travel assistance, and making our kids feel special. Of the many emotions we have about this date, Lucy’s diagnosis date, grateful is also one of them. 

Right now it is the dates going forward that we keep in mind, and August 31st is the next one on our watch list. Lucy will have her four month post T cell blood sent to Seattle. Praying for excellent results!  


Water World

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I was going to title this post “water baby”, but as Violet loves to remind me, “Lucy is a toddler!” It’s hard to believe she is not a baby anymore, given that Lucy has probably only had as many baths an infant, for one thing. Lucy has been making up for lost time in the water. Every day since her line was removed (after a few days of healing) we have been outside on the porch, Lucy and Violet playing in the water table. I was able to take Lucy swimming indoors a few times during the brief period between her “end” of treatment and relapse, and she loved it so much. Among the many other reasons to be sad when we found out her cancer was back, was the realization that, in an instant and with no warning, I didn’t know when, or if, she would be able to swim again. Sometimes the little things feel big, making them sweeter when you get them back!

We also got Lucy’s three month post T cell infusion blood results from Seattle, and it’s great news! Lucy has definate T cell persistence, so our team will send blood again next month. Thank you for all the prayers for Lucy, she continues to be out little miracle! 

  Water table fun, syringes as water guns! Lucy also literally loves to pour water in her own face. Crazy girl!

  Lucy’s first outdoor swimming pool experience was a success! She was fearless in the water, as in life, which keeps Josh and I both very busy. Life is pretty sweet without the central line, because we can finally let Lucy and Violet be a little wild!