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Happy Holidays!

17.12.2014 Posted in Uncategorized 5 Comments

No news is good news … we are grateful for the truth of this cliche right now in our family. Lucy continues to be active, alert and well. Her energy level is pretty normal for a 20 month old (meaning wild and crazy!) and she is sleeping much better most nights. She is so smart and funny and right on track with the normal developmental milestones. What a little miracle she is! My only concern was that I thought she might not be talking as much as she should at this age, but Dr. B was perfectly satisfied with her progress. It turns out she just needed the proper motivation. Her first “sentence” last weekend was “more fries!”. Next she looked at pictures on my iPad and said “aww, cute!”. Her language is suddenly exploding this week. I suppose we should be counting our blessings that Lucy is on the slower end of language development compared to her sister. Tonight, after taking a drive to see lots of beautiful and elaborate Christmas lights in our area, Violet was disappointed that we didn’t put up lights this year and suggested that we do so immediately. She said to us “no offense, but I want the lights to be up by the time I get home from school tomorrow”. Home from preschool, mind you. God help us in their teen years!

Lucy did very well with her IV at the beginning of the month. Better than the first time even! Since her next scheduled dose of infusions fell on New Year’s Day, and to be extra safe with a boost of antibodies for the Holiday gatherings, Lucy will have to go back for another IV before Christmas. A bit sooner than I had hoped, but it is a good precaution.

Cold and flu season still scares the heck out of me for Lucy’s safety, but we have been trying to get out a little bit. We go to the mall when stores are closed and it really helps that we have had a few unseasonable warm days to get outside. It does not help that Lucy is a fearless, social butterfly who loves to say “hi” and “bye” to any person within shouting distance, loves kissing boo boos (and people!) and feeding the dog from her hand . . . But it is all too cute!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!