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Goodbye Papa

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In 2013 cancer came crashing into our world, uninvited and very unwelcome. Many of you know, it did not start with Lucy, but shocked our family when my Dad was diagnosed in May 2013, just three months before Lucy. On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, cancer took my Dad’s life. Words can not describe what a wonderful man Mike Morado was, or how much we will miss him. Until we meet again …




It Pours

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Murphy’s law, “when it rains it pours”, whatever you call it, the Bacotts are getting a dose! We packed up last minute to make a trip to KC to spend time with Papa. Our first order of business as we all tumbled out of the car was to flush Lucy’s broviac lines. As he flushed, Josh felt an unusual “pop”. I checked her chest and saw a stream of saline coming out of a hole in her line. This has pretty much been our worst nightmare with the broviac. I clamped it off, covered it with tape and called our clinic in a panic. Thank God for Jennie, she escorted me and Lucy to Children’s Mercy ER. We went anticipating a repair to the line, but they could not fix it, so it has to come out. This is a surgical procedure requiring anesthesia which requires no food or drink for 6 hours. By this time it was around 6:00 pm and Lucy had been snacking. So they sent us home, to return for surgery in the morning.

This was not ideal for several reasons. First, Lucy has a HOLE in the central line going directly to her heart! I clamped it and covered it and covered it again, but this is dangerous, for infection and if the clamp slipped overnight. Second, the clamps I had on hand are big scissor-like things and Lucy had to sleep with them stuck to her chest. Needless to say I checked on her repeatedly through the night. Finally, the surgery was scheduled as “add on”. This is exactly like flying stand by. With an 18 month old who we can not allow to eat or drink. Not ideal.

We arrived at 10:30 am with no idea how the day would go. Thank God for small favors – Lucy fell asleep about 30 min after we got here, and slept until surgery was ready for her around 1:00. Surgery went great and we left the hospital by 3:00. Everything went better than expected! It is so weird to hold her with no lines, no vest!

Lucy kept me and Jennie entertained in the ER dancing around and sliding off the chairs.

Waiting for surgery – Lucy doesn’t seem very stressed!

Here is the tangled mess the poor girl had to sleep with. It looks like she is impaled, but the clamps are just taped to her body really tightly. Much better. Last look at the broviac!

We are relieved and grateful that Lucy’s surgery went so well and is over, so now we can get back to being with Papa. In the words of my mom –

“On a sad note … I am asking for prayers for the comfort of my husband, Mike. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer over a year ago. After many chemo treatments his cancer has now spread beyond treatment options. So, we are just trying to keep him comfortable now. He would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!”