18 Months

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After a bit of a delay, results are in, and Lucy’s blood shows 100% donor cells! Lucy’s little veins wouldn’t cooperate in KC, after several very upsetting attempts, so we made another plan. After a few weeks to settle/heal, our nurses in STL got the Lucy blood, and results are all excellent. No sign of disease, 100% donor, and recovering blood counts are the absolute best we could ask for. By now, it has actually been almost 19 months since her transplant, I’ll take every day I can get! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our girl – she is thriving!

   Just hanging out at a friend’s house!
 Thanks to generous friends for letting us use their pool for weekly swim lessons! Several days I had to drag Lucy home crying because she didn’t want to leave. 

   The blood draw reward: Slurpee. 
 Visiting the fire station with our good friends. Thank you fireman Bobby for the VIP tour!

  First day of school! Violet is thrilled to start first grade with her friends, and Lucy is officially on the roster in Pre-K. 


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